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Four Visits per Month

fourvisitProtect your investment. We will keep a close eye on your property…

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Price: $85.00

Two Visits per Month

twovisitCheck for problems every other week…

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Price: $60.00

One Visit per Month

onevisitMonthly checkup or occasional visits…

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Price: $40.00

Vehicle Maintenance

Car_keyDon’t arrive to find your car will not start…

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Price: $10.00

Deliveries or Service

TruckOpen your home for delivery or service personnel…

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Price: $30.00

Monitor Renovations or Repairs

plumberWe keep on track of service being performed in your home…

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Price: $30.00

Prepare for Your Arrival

WelcomeGet your house ready for your stay…

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Price: $50.00

Storm Report

stormDid your home sustain any damage in a storm…

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Price: $30.00

Grocery Shopping

groceriesWe shop for you…

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Price: $75.00

Photo Inventory

Our-HomeIn case of a loss…

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Price: $99.00

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