Do you have a beautiful seasonal home?
We keep an eye on your home, when you are not here.
Your home sits empty for part of the year.
Relax, we will be your eyes while you are away
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Enjoy peace of mind while you are away from your home. Ontrax Home Watch will look after your house as if it were our own. You can relax, knowing your home is safe.

Avoid Disasters

Dont’ let a small problem grow into a disaster.

A tiny water leak, if not discovered in time, can cause damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair.

Ontrax Home Watch is your eyes and ears while you are away.

Local Connection

Ontrax Home Watch will keep you informed about area conditions.

Often, the news overstates storms or other events, causing undue concern on your part.

We will accurately report any local issues you may need to know, without sensationalism. 

Privacy Assured

We have no advertisements on the vehicles used to visit your home. Visits are not set at the same time every week.

We strive to conceal the fact that the house is not occupied, confidential.

The safety of your home is our top priority.

Save Insurance Fees

Some insurance companies offer discounted rates when you contract to have your home checked regularly. Some insurance policies require regular home checks to maintain insurance coverage. Talk it over with your insurance agent.

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